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"It’s a great investment and it’s a perfect way to save money, as that prevented me from buying clothes that I would never wear :-)."
Amelle Gaddes
Head of Government & Stakeholder affairs/Middle East, Europe, Africa

"Life is a party, dress like it."
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personal styling -testimonial

What Amelle says about personal styling

Amelle Gaddes

Elegant style ready to wear for business occasion.

Amelle Gaddes

Casual outfit represents her own personality, full of joy and positive energy.Colors from her favorite painting at the back has been used .

Amelle Gaddes

Casual chic outfit with the touch of elegance. Leather pants mixed with Coco Chanel style jacket.Perfectly fitted to Amelle's personality.

Amelle Gaddes

Elegant style for profile picture ready made for business purposes.

Amelle Gaddes


 I was going through a career change when I met with Lucia.

 When we just started, she was very responsive on emails, always on time. I was nicely surprised by Lucia’s professionalismstyle it was important for me to find a new inspiration .Her advices were honest (because that’s what we need at the end of the day), and each time she explained why a colour/style/composition was not a right fit for me. 


I initially took the basic package, but very quickly I included the other components: colour analysis, wardrobe detox, more personal shopping sessions because it’s a great investment and it’s a perfect way to save money, as that prevented me from buying clothes that I would never wear :-).


Thank Lucia and I had so much joy and fun working on my wardrobe, going through clothes that I thought I would throw, which turned to be fabulous and other I was holding on, that turned to be a style disaster !!!


I honestly think that personal styling and image consultancy services should be part of every woman’s routine, at least once in a lifetime.


Amelle Gaddes




Check out more about styling Osama Natto - Saudi Gentleman in on my blog

Osama Natto

Business casual outfit. Dark blue suit & white shirt without the tie that would take it to the business formal outfit.

Osama Natto

Business Formal outfit suitable for business formal occasion as well as Black tie events.

I did love my personal styling session with your unique image and it showed  me so many things.
Now I know exactly what colors I look great in, how to do my daily make up in a few steps, how to switch it to the night look and also how to create trendy outfits from the pieces I already have.
I got the clue what is missing in my wardrobe and what pieces we will hunt for during personal shopping.
Thanks ! Frederika





Casual Chic outfit with Frederika's favourite T-shirt leather pant styled during wardrobe styling session.We finished up the look with statement rounded earrings  & bracelet matching her clutch.

"I am very glad that I met Lucia and went through personal styling process with her. She showed me how easy it is to rebuild my wardrobe and stay within my budget.
Before I met her, my garments were usually in neutral colors.
Nowadays I can say that they are colorful and stylish.
She guided me through first impression.entire secret of making best
 Personal shopping with her is fun!”
Swati Saqar, Development Manager, Abu Dhabi
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Business casual outfit with straight skirt flattering to most  body shapes, matched with elegant blue blouse sending out the message of trust.Nude heels will add some height to short & petite woman. Styled after the personal shopping session.

It was really amazing experience for me with Lucia.


Thanks to my personal stylist Lucia, I wear fashionable and colorful clothes despite the fact that I would never say I can wear it at all.


All clothes is looking perfect on me, my girlfriend and friends are shocked and surprised  as they really like my new style.


I am more confident about my look and I do not have one single piece that I can't wear.

"Thank you Lucia for everything, you did for me.


Afif Imran, Project manager, Dubai
Do not hesitate to contact :""
Casual outfit created during our personal shopping session. upgraded We
with the semi-fitted blazer and chosen chinos over the jeans. Dressed up shoes would have moved the outfit to the business casual category.



"Cooperation with Lucia was amazing. From the afirst moment, she knew exactly what would fit best for me.

The day spent in her company was beneficial not only for my a daily contact withwardrobe,but for me personally. In my job I meet a lot of people and on the basis of Lucia´s analysis and her advice, I'll exactly know how to impress not only with the appropriate outfit style. I can only highly recommend Lucia's work.
Lucia Slezakova, Sales Manager & Wedding Designer
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ImageConsultancy in Dubai, personla shopping in Dubai
After having 2 babies, comfortable and practical clothes, I needed a fresh perspective
With Lucia I have discovered things like my ,color type, suiting colors, shapes complimenting my body type, how to mix and match clothes .


Even my tight schedule with a newborn was not a problem.She was very flexible with hours.

 "Now I know I can still stay elegant while being comfortable."

"I had a make over with Lucia when I learned colours and style of dressings as per my personality as well as hairstyle and make-up.


I must say I started to look at myself and things around me with a new perspective, I discovered new angles of my personal style.

I would recommend Lucia to anyone who wants to look chic.

Do not hesitate to contact me:

2014-12-27 15.28.28.jpg
I had a fantastic experience with my personal stylist Lucia.
I learned a lot during the process and I would highly recommend her personal styling services to anyone who wants to update their wardrobe and image.  
Lucia knows how to make a woman feel beautiful and stylish, what is working for you & what isn’t and I received lots of compliments for my new look.
I am ready for  shopping  with personal shopper  anytime!
 Thank you for everything. Magda
Magda Koval, Regional Director, Dubai
Do not hesitate to contact me
ImageConsultancy in Dubai, personla shopping in Dubai

I would like to share my experience with Lucia.


I am a mother of 3 years old twin daughters and was looking for help selecting a wardrobe that will be practical and looking good at the same time without having lots of time to go shopping.

I was looking for a new style and creations that will make me like myself more. I really liked Lucia’s professionalism, creative ideas and positive mindset.

I learned being able to mix and match items in my wardrobe and the importance of accessories to complete the picture.

I would recommend her professional advice to everybody looking for a change or refreshing look.


Do not hesitate to contact me:

ImageConsultancy in Dubai, personla shopping in Dubai
Lucia offers the combination of structured approach on one side and professional intuition on the other.
Lucia is the best out of 4 stylists I tried Internationally and the only one I trust to pick my wardrobe for any occasion.
She is also super inspiring and really did magic for me.
Highly recommended!!!

Thank you, Tatiana    
ImageConsultancy in Dubai, personla shopping in Dubai
I recently lost 15 kg and wanted to celebrate my new me.

Lucia sorted out my wardrobe and took me on the shopping trips.
I am more clear on what I need to target and wearing flattering clothes that I would never consider before.
I also got my personalized style guide that really helps!

I am enjoying my new me!

Thank you, Rouba

I had the chance to try the colour analysis and body type assessment with Lucia. What a wonderful experience!!!!
After a series of test and questions, I had a completely different approach to colours that I should wear and clothes that suit me better.
It was fantastic, meeting Lucia as well! She is not only professional and able to explain everything related to your image and how to look better, but she made it simple yet entertained and the best part is that every tip is applicable day by day!  Thanks to her I look definitely better and feels more confident!!
Francys Arias, Project Manager
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"Before my consultation with Lucia, I had never thought about what and how to wear or how to combine different items of clothes.
I really appreciate her help.We also went through the colour analysis ,so I recognize  colors  that make me look younger and prettier. I would highly recommend Lucia´s work.

Jana Dikantova, High School Teacher
Do not hesitate to contact me :


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