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The interactive styling workshop teaches you


"How to use 100% of your wardrobe & create a stylish outfit?

Save time ,energy & money!

Workshop topics:

  • The Importance of  image & the first impression

  • Five crucial pillars of personalized styling that every woman should know

  • Dressing up your body shapes, emphasizing personality & choosing the right colours that makes you look vibrant

  • Step by step  guideline of creating the stylish outfit & essential wardrobe

  • Defining the "must have items"needed in your wardrobe

  • How to accessorize your outfit to feel chic & stylish

  • How to choose your dress code to get recognized

  • How to  follow the trends without falling into the fast fashion trap

No more "I have nothing to wear" nightmare!!!!



500 aed /person

(Group of 10 people needed to run a workshop.)

(Maximum size of the group is 20)

Let's Rewamp Your Style to show the world who you really are.......
Because We all Judge based on the first impression, Get the Best out of Your Look.
Impress. Be Confident. Show Your Personal Brand. Let Others Stare at the Perfect Version of Yourself.  
Conquer the World with your style.
The first step (Pre-consultation process) is a must, the rest is up to you. Choose the programs that fit your needs and leave the rest on me.
Young People at a Workshop


During the WORKSHOP, we make sure that your employee's appearance and professionalism will be consistent with the company's brand.
The unique eye-opening workshop teaches your employees the importance of professional self-appearance.
We leave them with ton of advice.
Spring Outfit


Are you preparing an event or  conference for your existing or potential clients?

Let them discover the uniqueness of personal styling services and provide them with a great & essential styling tips.
Once they have fun they will love you even more:)

How to rebuilt your existing wardrobe?

Dressing up should be fun......

To rebuild your actual wardrobe might be easier than you think. As I mentioned in my previous post , you should get rid of old and useless items, even if you are attached to them. Read more

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