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How the right clothing support your self-confidence?

In my previous post, I wrote about the power of the first impression and we already know that our clothing can have a positive or the negative impact on people's judgement.

Therefore, It influences our goals in working or private environment.

It seems that people get greater confidence in our abilities once we dress the part.

The fact is that it influences not only people's perception but also our feelings and self-confidence.

It's all about the look, smile, people's attitude and the compliments we are getting that support our confidence.

Our abilities to reach the goals became stronger with the raise of the self-confidence.

Such double effect shouldn't be underestimated as our success start somewhere there.

Choice of your clothes can also play a part in your mood game.

In case you are feeling down dress your outfit up with some outstanding piece that would attract the attention.

Play with patterns and colours that support your mood. While yellow gives you joy and happiness, red helps you to stay active and positively aggressive during any negotiation.

Pink will make you more gentle, green have calming effect & orange helps you to take action.

Stay within your style but also try new things. Dressing up your body shape, following the personal style and choosing the right colors and outfits can create some limitations.Nevertheless, there is an enormous amount of options you can still explore.

Dressing up topic seems to be the inseparable part of the "reach the success" process.

You can't get it wrong knowing the main pillars of personalised styling.

How to choose the right style & what is the best for you?

You can find out more here or check the styling workshop I provide..

Stylishly yours,

Lucia Csobonyei

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