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"Insta" cocktail

Check out some of the favourite "Insta" looks.

The stylish lady @ladyfozazaofficial came to my attention through one of my client, and I have to say that she really rocks.

The Combo of glittery blazer, animal prints and red pumps look outstanding.

Blazers or boots :) Glitters plays the role here. My next favourite Instagrammer @sincerelyjules seems to know how to wear any trend.

Not only "bling, bling" boots seems to be the trend number one. Sneakers follows!!!!! Yeah, this is a great news for all sneakers freaks including me:) @LE66.

I have already mentioned also plaids in my latest posts. This is all I Love about it this season.


Silver boots included:)


"Goldies" as well:)

It seems that ruffles and romance continues.... Love this one from @mikutas

The last but not least favourite stylish accessories;) Backpack from @carteldubai

Whatever choice you make just feel comfortable. :)

Stylishly yours, Lucia Csobonyei


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