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Personalized styling vs. trending

I am back with some quick styling tips for you .If you ever subscribe to my website you will get it in advance straight to your inbox at least twice a month. Tadaaaaa:)

What I mean when I say personalized styling?

As my theorie is based on uniqueness I always say: " No matter what trends are coming around, you always can find your way to the perfect style.

TIP: "If it doesn't fit don't wear it".

You can always play it around & pick at least one feature of the new trend.

Is the red color too much to handle?

Red .Red. Red. This comes hand in hand with Fall 2017. Some of us would say : Thanks God it's back:) Especially me, I love red, the energy feels amazing & I think it has a superpower to create a feeling of being a superwoman just by wearing it.

Even if it's a "wow" color for Fall 2017, it doesn't mean you have to buy a top or dress in red when its not exactly your favorite or preferable color.

However, you can go for a heels or a bag at least to keep up with this trend.

Florals are here again:)

That's a great news! If you are a flower friendly person & it doesn't immediately add couple of years on the top of your real age.

However, if flowers somehow mess up with your look, you can still buy flowery pants or skirt & stay with the pattern away from your face.That's the magic!

And here we come to personalized styling. Not everyone can wear everything and it's a fact. So if you browse on pinterest , instagram or other social medias to look for an style inspiration ,that's totally fine.

Just make sure you don't copy it from A-Z, if you're not looking at your identical twin of course.

Flowery pattern is gentle & feminine but it can also add some age, if worn by the person in other than summer seasonal group.

Fringe. Fringe. Fringe.

Shake it up with this trend. In general, fringe can be worn by anyone!!!! Do you feel to conservative for this? Never mind, even the bag counts:)

Good luck with your perfect style picks, have fun!!!

Read me soon.

Stylishly Yours, Lucia Csobonyei


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