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How I styled well-known Saudi gentlemen Osama Natto

I got an honor to style Osama Natto (@OsamaNatto ), well-known Saudi gentlemen & entrepreneur who supported a numerous number of businesses in Saudi Arabia currently working on his innovative projects in Dubai.

His journey started with focusing on priorities that make his life more joyful, fulfilled & well organized in every aspect of his life.

For me, Osama is an example of the person who believes that everything is possible.

That is the reason I like working with him.

We met just after he completed his internal transformation journey that he started 18 months earlier. He focused on healing from inside, starting by learning how to let go of bad habits, unhealthy food, stressful businesses & drain professional and personal relationships.

Osama approached me with following words:

“Lucia, I am now ready for the great come back after being under the radar for almost two years. Let’s work together to show the world how Osama 4.0 looks like.”

I smiled & had no doubt that he was ready for the external transformation.

After deeper consultation & clarification we agreed on the process & fun part started straight away. Our shopping trips & wardrobe styling followed by the photo shooting were more that a pure work.

It was a joufull cooperation of people who were excited to see the results as a true reflection coming from the inner personality.

As I mentioned, Osama is a gentleman.Black suit perfectly stressed out his personality features & supported his natural confidence.

I remember he mentioned how his daughter reacted at the picture in the black suit: "You look like President Obama.”😊Since then I called him Obama, unconsciously.

From business formal to business casual. The very first moment Osama took this dark blue suit on, I hoped he would love it the same way I did. The perception scream: “He is the person with whom you want to do the business.”

The business casual outfit doesn’t have to be based only on the suit without a tie. That’s why we experimented with dark blue chinos & light jacket that brought out Osama’s creative personality.

Either more formal or more casual I always make sure that the first impression will be great. If you would like to know more please feel free to contact me here.

If you would like to see more from women's styling check my previous post here.

I wish you all a great day.

Stylishly yours, Lucia Csobonyei


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