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What is personalized styling?

My client came to me one day with a request to help her to understand what are the best colors and styles for herself. We went deep into her concerns, lifestyle, body assessment results, personal style determination, color analysis and talked about different occasions she usually dresses up for.

I also considered her new carrier journey and her age.

Her wardrobe got audited & updated by fresh styles, fitted exactly to her body shape.

In this case, I played around with the "ideal" body shape, which is hourglass.

Of course being petite hourglass brings up some limitations.I played with details to optically prolong the body.

This fresh business look with the breath of elegance perfectly fits to Amelle's personality. There are many choices of blazers you can find out there in the malls.

This particular one was suppose to be feminine to show the personality, fitted to accentuate the waist line & short enough to prolong the legs.

Simple top and flowered under the knee skirt has been a perfect match. Amelle sits on one of the most favorite piece in her apartment. The green sofa is representing the love.

Fresh business look

As I mentioned, Amelle is not only elegant but also very energetic woman, who loves to go for a bit drama in her clothing. Leather pants & Coco Chanel styled jacket described it all. What's more? This jacket will be in her wardrobe for upcoming years without being out of style!

This shot was special for many reasons.We had talked about the painting before we even started to think about photo shooting.

It has been hanged in her previous office for a long time, and she got attached to it. I decided to transform the painting into her style. She loves it !!!! Since the moment we picked the headband in the store, she walked in it with the joy & satisfaction. It makes her look younger and shows the sparkle of her personality.

I love the last shot as it is a mixture of art & very positive energy.

Your personalized stylist or image consultant helps you to discover your personality & transform it into your clothes. From that time on, you can't get it wrong. Great style gives you the confidence to achieve your goals.

Stylishly yours, Lucia Csobonyei



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