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My latest Style Cocktail

If you missed any of my instagram updates (@lucia_csobonyei) this is the right place to catch on:)

Believe me or not but I can't find pink laces in Dubai:) So I decided to choose lace free attitude and move on:)

I also couldn't find my belt that day, and transferred part of my handbag into the belt:)

The most important part here is the Blazer from Ivana Rosova.

I love to feel elegant even if I am wearing ripped jeans:)

We are always happy when winter hits Dubai.So I took advantage and finally took on my boots and leather jacket with the evening ahead. Yeah!!!

This was my very favorite. Reminds me of New York with my bestie as I bought the dress during our shopping journey full of joy and fun.

Actually at the first moment, she didn't really like it on me. I got it a chance anyway. A little bit of romance never hurts:)

More to come, follow my instagram @lucia.csobonyei and stay with me!!!

Stylishly yours, Lucia Csobonyei

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