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How to rebuild your existing wardrobe

To rebuild your actual wardrobe might be easier than you think. As I mentioned in my previous post , you should get rid of old and useless items, even if you are attached to them.

If you like Feng Shui, this is also called "Cleaning of your clutter". It is a first step that helps you to move forward plus it can be applied to almost anything.

How will you make sure what to exclude and what to keep?

It's very simple.

First, you have to know yourself and be ready to answer following question.

What clothes really fit & describe myself ?

You can easily find it out by exploring your true body shape, prominent features, personality & complimenting colors.

All these features need to be in line with your age & lifestyle. Using right designs, patterns or other garment's details will help you to choose the most complimenting pieces.


If you would like to size up your bust area best thing you can do is look for higher necklines that create exactly the effect you are looking for.

'Less skin you show bigger it will look.'

You can also support it by bold colors or bigger patterns that have a tendency to add some volume.

AW 2016 trends have some bold pink or red to offer. Be ready to explore it.

Coming back to the point, once you know all the details that matter you can get rid of items that don't belong to "your category".

As simple as that.

Step by step you realize what you really need.

TIP: Start with basic pieces that create the core of your wardrobe and then add some pieces that will spice up your wardrobe.

Stylishly yours, Lucia Csobonyei

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