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How to avoid emotional shopping and save money!

We all love shopping. But how we can avoid spending a fortune on items we might not wear at all?

If you follow my advice you will be on the safe side:)

1. Go through your wardrobe before shopping and exclude everything you didn't wear for at least half a year.

Sometimes people get attached to the items they would never wear again, but still can't rid of them for some reason. 1 or 2 pieces if fine, more than that lead to confusion.

2. Donate it, your trash can be somebody's else treasure. You will have space for new trendy items that would be fitted exactly for you. And your good deed for that day will be born. Well done!

3. Go through the pieces left in your wardrobe and think about the number of outfits you can create from them.Do you have at least 10 different outfits for business and casual occasions?

4. Mark down anything that is missing and categorized it.

5. Set up your budget and choose stores you would like to go to.

6. Congratulation. Your Shopping List is ready to save you from emotional shopping!

7.If you repeat this regularly, you will hunt only for pieces you really need, and you save a lot of money!

Stylishly yours, Lucia Csobonyei

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