December 19, 2017

In my previous post, I  wrote about the power of the first impression and we already know that our clothing can have a positive or the negative impact on people's judgement.

Therefore, It influences our goals in working or private environment.

It seems that people get greater confidence in our abilities once we dress the part.

The fact is that it influences not only people's perception but also our feelings and self-confidence.

It's all...

December 12, 2017

My mission is to make sure that people understand the importance of their appearance.

No matter what we do or where we go, we always meet other people who subconsciously judge us based on the first impression.

Judging other based on their appearance doesn't seem right. The fact is that there is no way to avoid being judged.

55% of people's perceptions is visual.That's the fact & probably won't change.

Have you ever thought about the com...

November 5, 2017

Check out some of the favourite "Insta" looks.

The stylish lady  @ladyfozazaofficial came to my attention through one of my client, and I have to say that she really rocks.

  The Combo of glittery blazer, animal prints and red pumps look outstanding.

Blazers or boots :) Glitters plays the role here. My next favourite Instagrammer @sincerelyjules seems to know how to wear any trend.

Not only "bling, bling" boots seems to be the trend nu...

September 28, 2017

I am back with some quick styling tips for you .If you ever subscribe to my website you will get it in advance straight to your inbox at least twice a month. Tadaaaaa:)

What I mean when I say personalized styling?

As my theorie is based on uniqueness I always say: " No matter what trends are coming around, you always can find your way to the perfect style.

TIP: "If it doesn't fit don't wear it".

You can always play it around & pick at l...