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Fouder of eStyleShaker ,Entrepreneuer, Business management University graduate, Certified Image Consultant, Certified as RSCI coach, Paradigm techniques Practitioner, Former runner up of Miss Slovakia


Boost your Confidence

Stylishly yours,  Lucia Csobonyei

Your Unique Image was founded nine years ago by Lucia Csobonyei, an entrepreneur & personal stylist, passionate and genuinely devoted to her work.5.5 2021 her new virtual style & fashion platform eStyleShaker has been launched.
She is helping clients to understand the power of the first impression build their self-confidence & 
through outstanding look.
Lucia earned a Master’s Degree in Business management further to that she trained for accreditation by AICI (Accredited Image Consultant International) in Image Consulting.
She has been in the marketing industry for more than the decade working through corporate marketing challenges to personal branding experience.
As a former model, Lucia has also come into close contact with the fashion industry and has gained some extensive experience from professionals in the field.
Your Unique Image services have been so far successfully provided to a different type of clients, including  Managers, Managing Directors, CEOs or even member of the Royal family.


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