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Digital tools and products that help you to create your dream wardrobe

If you ever want to love your wardrobe, wear 100% of the clothes you own and feel confident in any outfit you wear, you are at the right place.
My name is Lucia Csobonyei, and I transformed years of styling experience , client requests and feedback into digital products, courses and lifestyle brand created for you to enjoy it with love.

CLAIM your
FREE STYLING FORMULA that supercharge your outfits and only professional stylist know about!!!!!


Digital products /tools & selfexpression lifestyle brand

Style Guide for body shape

Style Revolution Secrets
onlnie course

Lifestyle Brand to wear

Get a Personalized Style Guide for your Body shape, and never buy clothes that doesn't fit.

"No more regrets after the shopping"

Style Guide for body shapes as a great tool for women to shop only for clothing items that fit. It is essential tool to buy together with online styling course "Unlock your dream wardrobe".Designed by Style Expert Lucia Csobonyei.

Virtual Wardrobe

Upload pictures of flattering clothes and create a virtual version of your closet. Mix & Match the pieces and make outfits for any occasion

Outfit Combination styled by Lucia Csobonyei- Style Expert

Dive into to the styling course  designed by Lucia Csobonyei a style expert and confidence coach in Dubai.

You will never say "I have nothing to wear"

Satisfied client after styling course .Online styling course helps you to revamp your style and create 100% essential wardrobe. Style Expert- Lucia Csobonyei

Wear estyleshaker XO-XOU brand that hugs your soul. No matter how challenging your life,
bring happiness, light and positive vibes to your life.

Wear XO-XOU as a reminder that your life belongs to you.


estyleshaker XO-XOU sweatshirt with strong affirmation message that hugs your soul. Designed by Lucia Csobonyei-founder of eStyleShaker.

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Virtual wardrobe makes your life easier. It is a "no-brainer" that changes your entire routine. No more staring at the wardrobe full of clothes. Dress up in a minute of your time.

Video Sneak peak n.2

Mixing and matching your wardrobe is a must. Shop for outfits, not items, and make sure each piece in your wardrobe matches at least 1-2 outfits.

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