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Happy to announce the launch of the new styling platform for women.
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                       Lucia Csobonyei/ CSFO at  eStyleShaker

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 Revamp Your Style

  4 simple steps




Let me get to know you.
Providing tailor-made personal styling services for each client requires a deep analysis of all concerns and requirements.
Personal stylist will discuss your body shape, prominent features, personality, lifestyle, comfort zone, colours and find a way to create a trendy look.You can create your style guide on eStyleShaker platform.
Your style is who you are!
This is a mandatory step to be taken before moving forward.
What's more, you will get your style guide now available on eStyleShaker platform.Subscribe for free version now.

Let me get to know you

Love your wardrobe


Wardrobe Detox & Personal Styling

Use 100% of your wardrobe.
Based on previous deep analysis & indentyfying rights and wrongs, we get rid of unwanted pieces being hanged in your wardrobe for ages and prepare the space for newcomers that fit perfectly.
With the help of personal stylist you will simplify your life with well organized wardrobe full of essentials.
Wardrobe detox is optional but highly reccomended & essential.
Personal styling   comes either after wardrobe detox or personal shopping .
You can create your virtual wardrobe and organize all your items on eStyleShaker platform.Or let stylist to organize it for you.Subscribe for free or choose any of the programs.


Color Analysis


Get vibrant in the right colors.
Right colors can support your mood, make you look fresh and vibrant.
If you choose it wrongly you can end up looking tired and sick.
What would you choose?
Color analysis with personal stylist is optional but it is an essential step for creating your new look and oustanding appearance.
NOw you can also get it as a part of ELITE program on eStyleShaker platform.Check it out here.

Color your mood

Save your money


Personal Shopping

Make the right choices with professional personal stylist
Experience professional personal stylist that opens your mind for different styles while all will be perfectly fitted for you.
Get it right with all details that matters & choose only clothes that will be 100% essential & chic.
Personal shopping saves money ,energy & time by making the right choices.
Would you like to have your own personal stylist available through out the year for you?
Sign up  at eStyleShaker and choose ELITE program.
Dive into Personal Styling Services
throught the short stories
Enjoy the styling ride
with me
Personal stylist Lucia Csobonyei at Al Shahm Conference in cooperation with Sacoor Brothers about organizing your business wardrobe.
Amelle Gaddes
I was going through a career change when
I met with Lucia, and  it was important for me to find a new style inspiration
I was nicely surprised by Lucia’s professionalism.  
Lucia Spisakova
Cooperation with Persona stylist Lucia  was amazing.
From the first moment, she knew exactly what would fit best for me.
The day spent in her company was beneficial not only for my wardrobe, but for me personally.
2016-03-01 10.02.47-copy_edited.jpg
             Afif Imran

It was really amazing experience for me with Lucia.

Thanks to my personal stylist Lucia, I wear fashionable and colorful clothes despite the fact that.


I would never say I can wear it at all.

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Fashion styling
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Fashion styling
Fashion styling
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Workshops, Conferences, Photoshootings

Al Shahm business leaders conference
Al Shahm business leaders conference
Al Shahm business leaders conference
Movember event
Movember event
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Dress for success workshop
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